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The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisement.

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Free 15 minute phone call with our firm for any personal legal matter even on pre-existing issues.


 Document Review & In person Consultation ( 3 per month)

  • We will review up to 3 of your documents of up to fifteen (15) pages each.
  • You may come in for a 15 minute consultation regarding documents (1 per month)
  • You must be named as a contracting party on personal legal documents to be reviewed.

24/7 Emergency Access

  • After-hours legal consultation for covered legal emergencies such as: if you're arrested or detained, if you're seriously injured, if you're served with a warrant, or if the state tries to take your child(ren).

Social Media/Online Harrasement Letters

 If you are being harrased on social media we will help you protect your name, reputation, and image. 


Moving Violation 

If you are charged with speeding or a similar traffic violation ( this does not include driving on a suspended or revoked license) we will represent you. Moving violation must be dated a day after you have signed up for subscription membership.

Silver Card Winners Circle Monthly Membership